World Dairy Diary

Osborne Named to All-American Foundation

Congratulations to Irene Osborne of Millerstown, Pa., for being named to the All-American Dairy Foundation Board of Trustees.

With husband James, a partner with Millerstown Veterinarian Associates, Osborne and her parents, Ken and Jane Benner, operate Santee-Acres. Though the dairy herd dispersed in 2006, James and Irene’s daughter, Katie, has established a herd of 40 cows with 60 replacements. The 230-acre farm produces corn, soybeans, alfalfa and barley, most of which are used on-farm with the remainder sold as cash crop.

Osborne has been a 4-H dairy club leader and dairy judging coach for 20 years, and with her husband coaches the Perry County Junior Holstein dairy bowl teams each year. She serves as an adult adviser to the Pennsylvania Junior Holstein Association Executive Committee and has also served in a national capacity for four years, representing Area 1 in Holstein Association USA’s Junior Activities Committee.

The 1991 Virginia Tech graduate said she looks forward to the ability to help recognize additional youth through the foundation’s activities.

“I believe that the foundation has the opportunity to reach all areas that benefit the participating youth,” Osborne said. “There are so many juniors who are exhibiting and improving their herds that will not stand in the ‘champion’ spotlight. These are also youth who deserve encouragement and recognition.”

Source: All-American Dairy Foundation