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Florida Dairy Farmers Release New iPad App

image003Kids, adults and educators alike can now learn about dairy farming in an exciting way through the Florida Dairy Farmers new iPad app, SunnyBell’s Florida Dairy Farm Adventure. The free app that can be downloaded from iTunes, is a fun, interactive romp through a Florida dairy farm.

SunnyBell – a little calf who longs to be an important part of the dairy farm, teaches kids about nutritious milk and where it comes from. The story is interactive and immersive, while kids learn about how a dairy farm works. The app also includes sing-along “moo”sicals, word-search puzzles, coloring pages and quizzes.

SunnyBell’s Florida Dairy Farm Adventure app is not only great for kids of all ages, but is also an exceptional educational tool for parents and educators, and uses games and songs to improve cognitive abilities in kids.

“The SunnyBell app shares the experience of life on a Florida dairy farm while reinforcing the message of where our milk comes from. Children are easily engaged, via educational songs and games that boast interactive animation, while learning about the importance of dairy foods in the diet,” says Alyssa Greenstein, registered dietitian with Florida Dairy Farmers. “As a registered dietitian and mother of three, I especially enjoy the fact that the SunnyBell app helps kids and adults separate nutrition from fads and misinformation.”

To download the free app, visit and check out our new Kids Corner where you can learn, play and grow with SunnyBell.

Cheese Yield Estimator App

gallery.alteryx.comCheese Yield Estimator is new app designed by Northwood Advisors to help those in the dairy industry to predict cheese yields with the industry-standard Van Slyke Cheese Yield Formula. The free app defaults to the classic cheddar version of the formula, but can be adjusted for other cheeses with simple changes to the constants for Fat Conversion Ratio, Casein Ratio, Casein Loss, Solids Recovery and Moisture/CWT. Adjustments can also be made to calculate yields on any size batch—from single to extremely high volume—and can accommodate producers ranging from artisanal to industrial.

The Cheese Yield Estimator app is available: click here

Purina Launches Cool Cow App

CoolCow Mobile App_Store Graphic_114x114The Cool Cow mobile app puts the tools dairy producers need to monitor and address heat stress at their fingertips. Research shows that cows can begin to show the effects of heat stress at a Temperature Humidity Index or THI of 68. Reproduction can be impacted at a THI of 55.[1]

Heat stress and an associated 10 percent to 35 percent milk production loss[2] may cost a dairy producer $1.60 to $5.60 per cow per day.[3] These losses can continue to mount when reductions in reproductive performance and increased days open are added into the equation.

The mobile app features an easy to use heat stress calculator for inputting the current temperature and humidity readings. The temperature and humidity is then translated into a THI reading that shows the severity of heat stress, ranging from mild to extreme risk; providing dairy producers insight on the current conditions inside their barn. In addition to the heat stress calculator, the mobile app offers tips on mitigating heat stress from management to nutrition.

The Cool Cow mobile app is available to download for Android phones at: and for iPhones at:

Appy New Year from World Dairy Diary

Appy New Year from ZimmCommAppy New Year from the ZimmComm Team here on World Dairy Diary.

We’re betting that many of you now have a new smartphone or tablet. So whether it’s an iPad of any version or an Android you can get your AgWired on it most easily via the AgWired App! Within the app you’ll also find the news feeds from our other ZimmComm News Network websites,; and You’ll also find our main Twitter feeds and the feed from our YouTube and Flickr accounts.

Best of all it’s Free!

So click here to find out where you can get the AgWired App and have an Appy New Year.

Virtus Nutrition iPad App

Virtus Nutrition now has the first iPad dairy app.

The Virtus Nutrition app hosts a wealth of information for dairy producers, nutritionists and others interested in the latest on Omega fatty acid technology for improved dairy cattle nutrition. Download this app to access the Omega Value Calculator, which provides detailed analysis of the value of feeding Prequel 21 (omega-6s) and StrataG (omega-3s) to transition cows and early breeding cows. Find out how many additional pregnancies, and subsequently calves, that these omegas can have by reducing early embryo loss on your dairy. Explore the key research that explains the impact that the omegas can have by improving both milk production and reproduction in dairy cows.

Key Features

CALCULATE the omega value in your herd by entering basic herd information and generating a series of graphs to show the impact Omega Nutrition can have on your bottom line.

BROWSE through the product pages to learn more about Virtus Nutrition’s calcium salts of fatty acid products.

SEARCH the research and article pages to learn more about the science behind feeding omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids to dairy cows.