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Long Live Those Dairy Cows!

Research in Texas is looking into the relationship between the breed of dairy cows and the longevity of the herd.

This article from Texas AgriLife (and this story from the USDA’s Rod Bain) talks about how researcher Dr. Pablo Pinedo, AgriLife Research ruminant animal health scientist in Amarillo, is conducting a year-long study funded by the American Jersey Cattle Club Research Foundation looking into the declining longevity of dairy cattle:

“Today’s high involuntary culling rates are a concern on dairy farms from both an animal well-being and an economic point of view,” Pinedo said.

While Holstein herds have been predominant in Texas and New Mexico, large cheese-processing plants in the northern Texas Panhandle and in Eastern New Mexico have prompted the use of Jersey genetics, increasing the number of large, pure Jersey and multi-breed herds in those areas, he said.

In his study, Pinedo intends to use Jersey, Holstein and crossbred cattle all under the same conditions in the same operations to provide what he characterized as “a unique opportunity to analyze and compare the dynamic of culling in different breeds.”

Pinedo hopes his work will give a better understanding into the dynamics of culling risk of Jersey cows considering age, stage of lactation, milk yield, reproductive status, herd milk yield and herd size, as well as looking at associations between culling dynamics and some breed traits. In addition, he’ll be comparing the productive lives of Jerseys, Holsteins and their cross-breeds and identifying management-related risk factors throughout the Texas High Plains region.

“We hope our results will help dairy producers implement efficient strategies to manage critical points affecting cow survival,” he said. “This information will also provide a precise comparison on the productive life between Jerseys and Holsteins under the same conditions, supporting the decisions process regarding the future replacements.”

Brown Swiss Highlights Heritage at World Dairy Expo

It’s a tradition for the selection of the grand champion Brown Swiss at World Dairy Expo to be accompanied by classical Swiss music and dress, complete with yodeling, alphorn blowing, and cowbell ringing. Pictured in the foreground here is Dublin-Hills Treats owned by Peter Vail and Ken Main of Copake, NY walking in front of the New Glarus Jodlerklub just before being named the 2011 Grand Champion.

After we saw some of the performance by the 80-year-old yodel club that hails from New Glarus, Wisconsin, we happened to catch up with a couple of the members walking around the expo ringing their gigantic cow bells, which they say came from Switzerland where they were worn by lead cows as they were moved from one pasture to another.

Watch the Jodlerklub in action and enjoy a very impromptu interview with yodelers Ernie Jaggi, Roberly Williamson and Dwight Truttman.

2011 World Dairy Expo Photo Album

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Frosty is Repeat Supreme Champion at Expo

world dairy expo 2010 championsFrosty the Holstein was named Supreme Champion at World Dairy Expo for the second year in a row.

Harvue Roy Frosty, a six-year-old Holstein cow from Rudolph, Wisconsin, was crowned Supreme Champion of World Dairy Expo 2010. Sired by Roylane Jordan-ET, she was exhibited by Mike and Julie Duckett, Jim and Nancy Junemann and Scott Armbrust of Rudolph, Wis. Currently classified EX-95, Frosty was bred by Dave and Debra Hardesty of Berryville, Va. At 5-07 305d she produced 40,725M 5.0% 2,030 2.8% 1138P.

Reserve Supreme Champion of the show was Blondin Redman Seisme. The four-year-old, sired by Valley River Ruben Redman, was bred by Pierre Boulet and Ferme Blondin. She was exhibited by Morsan Farms, Ltd., of Ponoka, Alberta, Canada.

Thanks to World Dairy Expo for the photo and congratulations to the winners.

2010 World Dairy Expo Photo Album

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“Frosty” is the “Hot” Pick at 2009 World Dairy Expo

The most exciting part of World Dairy Expo – is the “Parade of Champions” and the crowning of the Supreme Champion title! The 2009 World Dairy Expo Supreme Champion is Harvue Roy Frosty, a Registered Holstein owned by Duckett, Junemann and Scott of Armbrust, Wis. The 2009 Reserve Supreme Champion is Old Mill E Snickerdoodle, a Registered Brown Swiss owned by Allen Bassler, Jr., Va. Congratulations to the owners of these beautiful animals – and congratulations to all of the dairy cattle showmen for a memorable Expo!

Thank you to the Holstein World for providing video coverage of the Supreme Champion. Visit their youtube channel to view the rest of the 2009 Holstein shows from the World Dairy Expo.

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Legendary Snickerdoodle is Six Time Champion

World Dairy Expo Photo Album

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WDXThe legendary Snickerdoodle became a six time Grand Champion today in the Central National Brown Swiss Show at World Dairy Expo.

This 11-year old owned by Allen Bassler, Jr. of Upperville, Virginia added one more title to her barn full of ribbons and plates. Old Mill E Snickerdoodle OCS has been named Grand Champion of the Central National Brown Swiss Show in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2008. Last year, Snickerdoodle was also named Reserve Supreme Champion of the World Dairy Expo. This amazing animal is also a seven-time All-American Brown Swiss and was Supreme Champion of the All-American Dairy Show for the second year in a row.

What a cow! Read more about Snickerdoodle’s historic achievement here from World Dairy Expo.

Photo courtesy of World Dairy Expo. See more photos from World Dairy Expo here.

RedPepper is Double Ayrshire Winner

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WDXA RedPepper from New York is one hot Aryshire this week at World Dairy Expo.

Blind Buck Vall Tri Redpepper was named Grand Champion of the Junior and Open International Ayrshire Shows, a repeat win for her, as she was also named Grand Champion of the Junior Show in 2008.

Owned by Roger Greeno of Fort Edward, New York, and leased and exhibited by Sara Pulver, the senior three-year-old completed a record at 2-04 3X 305d 19,242 801F 651P. She is sired by Androssan Ev-Kates Trident. Pulver was presented with the Udder Comfort $1000 Grand Champion Cash Award for the open show and the Udder Comfort $500 Grand Champion Cash Award for her Junior Show win.

Find out more International Ayrshire Show results here on the World Dairy Expo website.

World Dairy Expo Photo Album

International Junior Holstein Show Results

WDXThe International Junior Holstein Show was held on Tuesday at World Dairy Expo. Judge Brian Garrison of Tiffin, Ohio placed a total of 177 entries.

Hillmont Durham Lyndi, winner of the aged cow class and exhibited by Luther Hillegass of Berlin, Pa. was named Grand Champion and received the Udder Comfort $500 Grand Champion Cash Award. Sired by Reagancrest Elton Durham, at seven years of age in 365 days she produced 32,321M 1,295F and 1,053P. The winning five-year-old, Stonefront Advent Laverne, shown by Shane Nodolf of Belmont, Wis., received reserve Grand Champion honors.

Overall show results and top class placings are posted here on the World Dairy Expo site.

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Brothers Three Named Young Breeders

hushonCongratulations to Brothers Three Brown Swiss for being named the 2009 Outstanding Young Breeder by the National Brown Swiss Association. The award was presented to Joshua, Jacob, and Joseph Hushon during the 2009 annual meeting of the Brown Swiss Cattle Breeders’ Association, July 8 to 11 in Springfield, Mo.

The Award is presented annually to a deserving breeder under the age of 40 who has shown expertise in dairy farming and Brown Swiss cattle breeding, participation in Brown Swiss Cattle Breeders Association programs and events, and leadership roles in the community, both in agricultural and non-agricultural organizations.

“This was an unexpected and humbling honor to win this award,” said Josh Hushon. “No other aspect of our lives has influenced who we’ve become as young adults more than Brown Swiss cattle have, and we’re very proud of what we have been able to achieve in the breed. More importantly though, we are so thankful for the support and guidance we have received from our parents, Dan and Patti, as well as breeders from all across the country.

With its humble roots as a 4-H project in southeastern Pennsylvania, Brothers Three has grown into a well-known breeder of elite Brown Swiss cattle. Since their first purchases in 1991, the Hushon family has bred or developed 9 All-Americans, 22 All-American Nominations, 14 National or Reserve National Bell Ringers, and over 25 winners of Pennsylvania State Bell Ringer Awards.

At the 2008 World Dairy Expo, Brothers Three was the breeder and exhibitor of the first place Best Three Females entry which was named All-American. Additionally, Brothers Three HP Willow took first place in the Spring Calf Class and was named All American. Worthy, Wisp, and Willow are all offspring of Brothers Three Wisper 2E-92, herself a 2-time All American. A September 2008 Legacy daughter of Wisper will sell at the 2009 World Premier Brown Swiss Sale at World Dairy Expo.

Other breeding accomplishments include Brothers Three Parker-ET, the highest type bull in the Brown Swiss breed for the past three sire summaries, and Brothers Three Powerful;-ET, who was the first Brown Swiss bull from which sexed semen was available. In 2006 and 2007, Brothers Three was the highest producing Brown Swiss herd in Pennsylvania on 2x milking and in 2006, they were named a National Genetic Honors Herd. Today, cattle are housed in Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

“Looking to the future, our goals for Brothers Three are to continue developing elite, marketable individuals that we’ll have opportunities to show and merchandise from,” Hushon added. “As individuals, we also plan to remain active within the dairy industry. We hope to continue to have opportunities to give back to the breed and association, and to influence its future in a positive way. While it’s unclear as to what the future may hold for us and our careers, we’re confident that future will include active involvement with the Brown Swiss cow. The three of us couldn’t imagine life any other way!”

Rose Reigns Supreme

World Dairy Expo 2008 is now just a memory, and for the owners of Thrulane James Rose, an Excellent 97 point Registered Holstein cow from Quebec, Canada, that memory is supreme. Rose was named the 42nd WDE Supreme Champion. Exhibited by Pierre Boulet of Montmagny, she was bred by Thrulane Holsteins of Elmira, Ontario. Winner of the International Holstein Show’s Aged-Cow Class, the seven-year-old is sired by Shoremar James and her dam is Thrulane Roxy Lee.

More than 2,600 animals paraded on the colored shavings, shown by 890 exhibitors from 37 states and seven Canadian provinces.

Since 1993, Pierre Boulet has owned 98 All-Canadian and All-American nominees. He has won Premier Exhibitor several times at the Quebec International Show and Quebec Spring Show. Rose was previously named Grand Champion and Supreme Champion at the 2008 Expo Quebec.

Reserve Supreme Champion of the show was Old Mill E Snickerdoodle OCS, bred and exhibited by Allen Bassler, Jr. of Upperville, Virginia. Scored Excellent-94 with an Excellent-97 point mammary system, the ten-year-old show veteran is a seven-time class winner, five-time World Dairy Expo Champion, and was named Supreme Champion in 2003. At six years and nine months of age, she produced 33,426 pounds of milk, 1,405 pounds of fat and 1,176 pounds of protein, with a lifetime production of 167,977 of milk, 7,725 pounds of fat and 6,213 pounds of protein.

New Butterfat Production Leader

The Holstein breed has a new record breaking cow – MS Bayless Champ Flipper-ET. “Flipper”, a four-year-old Registered Holstein, is the new all-time champion for butterfat production in a single lactation. She is owned by Derek Page, Mt. Vernon, Mo. who farms with his parents, Leon and Betty.

Calving at 3 years 9 months of age, Flipper completed a 365-day record on three times-a-day milking of 3,705 pounds of butterfat. She produced 64,130 pounds of milk and 1,891 pounds of protein, both of which rank Flipper first nationally for milk and protein in the senior-three-year-old division as well. She peaked at 242 pounds in one day.

Classified Excellent-91 at 4 years 1 month of age, Flipper produced a great lactation as a two-year-old as well, with 42,870 pounds of milk, 1,730 pounds of butterfat and 1,305 pounds of protein on three times-a-day milking, calving at 2-2.

Flipper is a daughter of Calbrett-I H H Champion-ET and is out of Clinita Terry Future-ET, an EX-92 Dam of Merit with a top record of 3-9, 2x, 365d, 36,420M, 795F, 973P.

Page purchased Flipper in the Norman Bayless dispersal in April 2006, and less than two weeks later she was the fourth place senior two-year-old at the Southern National Holstein show.

Check out more champion Holsteins, along with all of our other fine dairy breeds, here on World Dairy Diary when the International Breed Shows at World Dairy Expo are completed.

Ten Jersey Youth Honored

Young people in the dairy industry continue to amaze me with their outstanding achievements. Like these ten young Jersey breeders who have been selected for recognition in the National Jersey Youth Achievement Contest, sponsored annually since 1957 by the American Jersey Cattle Association, Reynoldsburg, Ohio.

The contest honors outstanding achievement by junior Jersey breeders in four areas: work with Registered JerseysT, related dairy activities, relative progress, and future goals. They were selected from 14 outstanding youth nominated by state Jersey associations, based on their cumulative record through December 31, 2006.

The top three honorees are:

Renée E. Norman, Liberty, Pa., is the winner of the National Jersey Youth Achievement Contest for 2006. She is also the recipient of the V. L. Peterson Scholarship presented by the American Jersey Cattle Association for 2007. The daughter of David and Aggie Norman is currently a senior at The Pennsylvania State University, majoring in animal sciences with a business/management option.

Aaron M. Horst, Chambersburg, Pa., ranked second in the contest. He is the son of Kevin and Linda Horst and a junior at Virginia Tech University, majoring in dairy science. He was the recipient of the Fred Stout Experience Award in 2006, completing a summer internship with Jersey Marketing Service.

Katherine Ann Rector of Turlock, Calif., ranked third. The daughter of Benny and Janice Rector is enrolled in her third year at California Polytechnic State University studying dairy science and ag journalism. She was named the Star American Farmer for California FFA in 2006.

The Top 10 include:
Sara LaFever, the 2005 National Jersey Queen who is also a dedicated breeder of Registered JerseysT with significant management responsibilities at her family’s LaLu Farm;

Neal Frerichs, of Frerichs’ Dairy Inc., La Grange, Texas, a recent graduate of Blinn Junior College who has undertaken significant responsibilities for managing the 225-cow operation which includes “The Jersey Barnyard” public touring facility;

Jessica Stiles, Boonsboro, Md., who exhibited the Reserve Grand Champion of the 1998 All American Junior Jersey Show and has developed an outstanding herd that averaged 20,842 lbs. milk, 973 lbs. fat and 747 lbs. protein in 2006;

Christine Lee Wagner, Moscow, Penna., a senior at Delaware Valley College who has excelled for many years as an exhibitor and showman in the state;

Tyler Lee Boyd, Parrottsville, Tenn., a freshman at Vanderbilt University who among numerous accomplishments is the breeder and owner of a Top 200 JPIT cow contracted by major A.I. organizations;

Bradley Frerichs, La Grange, Texas, a successful participant in many Texas dairy cattle judging contests and leader in his local 4-H club; and

Amanda R. Curtis, Anna, Ohio, a graduate of Columbus State Community College with a degree in veterinary technology and the exhibitor of the Supreme Champion of the junior show at last year’s World Dairy Expo.

Research Funding Available

JerseylogoThe AJCC Research Foundation has issued a request for research proposals to be funded in 2008 addressing significant issues for the Jersey breed and Jersey milk producers. Application deadline is December 1, 2007. The Research Advisory Committee of the American Jersey Cattle Association will evaluate the proposals, then forward its recommendations to the AJCA Board of Directors, which will award funds at its meeting in March, 2008.

Submissions are evaluated for (a) merit (e.g., potential to advance practical knowledge, creative approach to the problem); (b) competence (i.e., high probability of successful completion within the proposed time frame); and (c) relevance (e.g., problem derived from one of the areas of research priority).

Current priorities for research funding are:

· Nutrition of high-producing Jerseys (particularly practical feeding methods to maximize production of valuable milk components);

· Factors affecting yield of products manufactured from Jersey milk;

· Factors affecting net income, longevity, and lifetime profit;

· Breeding plans to optimize genetic gain while maintaining genetic diversity;

· Biological and economic efficiencies of Jerseys; and

· Factors affecting management of Jersey calves.

Larry Tande Discusses the Farm Bill

While evaluating cattle at the Ohio State Fair last week, newly minted Vice President of Holstein Association USA Larry Tande commented on issues facing the dairy industry, including the Association’s thoughts on the House Farm Bill proposal passed last month: LarryTande.mp3

Help Recognize a Great Jersey Breeder

You have until January 15th to nominate a great Jersey breeder or breed backer for recognition at this year’s American Jersey Cattle Association Annual Meeting. Four awards are presented at the confab, held this year in Sioux Falls, SD. The awards include:

Master Breeder: Bestowed annually to a member who has bred outstanding animals for many years making a notable contribution to the advancement of the breed.

Distinguished Service: Bestowed upon members who have rendered outstanding and unselfish service for many years making a notable contribution to the advancement of the breed.

Meritorious Service: Bestowed upon an individual who has made a notable contribution to the advancement of the breed through research, education, development, marketing, or other significant activities of the allied dairy industry.

Young Jersey Breeder: Bestwoed upon members age 28-40 who merit recognition based upon expertise in dairy farming and Jersey breeding, participation in Association programs, and leadership in Jersey and other dairy and agriculture organizations.

Nomination forms and supporting materials must be submitted by January 15th.

2006 National Jersey Queen

2006 National Jersey QueenI always wait to get a picture since they say more than words sometimes. Betty Janine Thompson, Chandler, Okla., has been crowned the 2006 National Jersey Queen. This is Betty and her escort during the All American Show, Brett Barlass. Brett was the winner of the National Jersey Youth Achievement Contest this year.

Thompson, active in Jersey youth projects for over 13 years, was presented the crown by 2005 National Jersey Queen Sara LaFever on November 4, 2006 during the All American Junior Banquet in Louisville, Ky. She will represent Jersey breeders throughout the United States for the next year with her participation in events such as the Annual Meeting of the American Jersey Cattle Association, World Dairy Expo and The 55th All American Jersey Show & Sale.

Betty is a high school senior and a concurrent education student at Oklahoma State University considering a double major in animal science and elementary education. Her speaking skills and leadership ability have led to her being elected President of the Oklahoma Junior Jersey Cattle Club, the Northeast District of the Oklahoma 4-H program, and of her senior class at Davenport High School.

The National Jersey Queen contest lasted two days with 11 young women from across the country competing for the coveted crown. Participants had to pass a general dairy knowledge test, were interviewed by a panel of judges, and prepared a two-minute video presentation that demonstrated their ability to represent the Jersey breed through public speaking.

Wide Load Ahead Print Sale

All American Jersey Show and SaleAt the All American Jersey Show & Sale that’s coming up in Louisville, KY you can show your support for the AJCA Scholarship Fund by bidding on a custom print of “Wide Load Ahead” painting that was unveiled at World Dairy Expo.

Two 16” x 20” archival prints on canvas of the original oil painting have been made by artist Denise Rich of El Cajon, Calif.. She has personally hand-embellished these prints, turning each into a one-of-a-kind artwork. The professionally framed prints will be the first lots to be auctioned at the 54th All American Jersey Sale, starting at 4:30 p.m. at the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center in Louisville, Ky on November 5 in Louisville, Ky.

Jersey Sires On-Line

US-Jersey Dairy producers seeking young Registered Jersey™ bulls of exceptional genetic merit for A.I. and/or natural service can locate them in two lists published each quarter by the American Jersey Cattle Association on its website,

The first report lists all Registered Jersey™ bulls born after January 1, 2004 and assigned an NAAB stud code. It currently includes 276 bulls and is published as an Excel spreadsheet.

The other report lists the top 1,000 AJCA-registered bull calves ranked by Jersey Performance Index™ born within the past year. The current list is of bulls born after June 30, 2005. It is also in Excel format.

Painting For Scholarships

Jersey Painting

Award-winning artist Denise Rich of El Cajon, California has posted the first stages of her work on an original oil painting commissioned by the American Jersey Cattle Association.

The centerpiece of “Wide Load Ahead” is a mature Jersey cow, standing sure of her ground and flanked at some distance by two inquisitive herdmates. It is featured on the artist’s web site. The oil on canvas will measure 16” by 20” when completed.

“Wide Load Ahead” will be on display throughout World Dairy Expo, October 3 to 7, in Madison, Wis., in the USJersey exhibit area. It will then be used in a campaign to increase the endowment of the AJCA Scholarship Funds beginning at The All American Jersey Shows & Shows in Louisville, Ky., November 4 through 6.

Heartland Jersey Virtual Tour

Heartland Jerseys Heartland Jerseys of Seneca, Kansas will be one of nine North American dairy operations to be featured in World Dairy Expo’s 2006 Virtual Farm Tour program.

Owners Jerry and Sue Spielman will narrate a video tour of their farm and answer questions from the audience, starting at 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 4 in the Exhibition Hall at the Alliant Energy Center, Madison, Wis. The American Jersey Cattle Association is the program sponsor.

Productive Jerseys

US-Jersey A new report says Jerseys continue to be the number one breed for productive life. According to the American Jersey Cattle Association:

Based on the August, 2006 USDA genetic summaries, Jersey continues to be the leader for Productive Life (PL) among the six dairy breeds evaluated in the United States (including Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Holstein and Milking Shorthorn).

Data published by the USDA Animal Improvement Programs Laboratory (AIPL) show that for cows born in 1997, Jerseys have the longest productive life of 34.4 months, or 1,048 days. A total of 36,669 Jersey cows were included in the evaluation. By comparison, the weighted average Productive Life for 659,675 cows of the other five breeds and born in 1997 is 28.5 months, or 869 days.

For more information on the calculation of Productive Life, see the “Documentation” section of the AIPL website.