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Thorbahn to Speak at Jersey Meeting

David-Thorbahn-300dpiDavid C. Thorbahn, President and Chief Executive Officer of Select Sires, Inc., will be the guest speaker at the 145th Annual Meeting of the American Jersey Cattle Association on June 29 in Amarillo, Texas.

Select Sires marketed just over 1 million units of Jersey semen for the first time in its history during 2011, only to break that record by selling 1.1 million units last year. Annual sampling of Jersey bulls has increased by 42% and total sales have more than doubled since Thorbahn took over the top leadership position in January of 2000. The company has become the leading supplier of bovine semen in North America and is one of the largest in the world. In 2008, Select Sires received a Governor’s Excellence in Exporting Award and named Exporter of the Year for the state of Ohio.

Thorbahn has served on the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB) and is a past-president of the National Association of Animal Breeders (NAAB). He is a former board member of World Dairy Expo and National Dairy Shrine. He was a founding member of the committee that started the North American Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge in 2002 and served as its first chairman.

Born and raised on a registered Holstein farm in Vickery, Ohio, Thorbahn earned a B.S. in agriculture, majoring in dairy science, at The Ohio State University. He completed a Masters in Business Administration at the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 1999. He has been recognized by the OSU College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences with its Young Professional Achievement Award (1997) and Distinguished Alumni Award (2010). Thorbahn was also named the 2010 Union County Business Leader of the Year by the Union County Chamber of Commerce.

Source: American Jersey Cattle Association

Radio Segment to Focus on Calves

LOLAMP_Logo_Low Res._020713Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products has announced its 2013 ‘We Care for Calves’ DairyLine radio program. Through the monthly radio program, industry experts will share their experiences and recommendations for calf nutrition and management every third Thursday of the month through 2013.

This year-long radio series will serve as a resource for dairy producers and calf raisers by providing timely information and tips from industry experts. Topics will include: cold and warm weather calf management, group housing, fly control, electrolytes, colostrum management, 3x a day feeding, proper nutrition and automated calf feeders.

The radio segments will be aired through DairyLine’s affiliate radio stations, published on the DairyLine website and linked on the ‘We Care for Calves’ Facebook page as part of Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products’ continued commitment to dairy producers.

Source: Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products Company

Forget Cat Burglars, Check out These Cow Burglars!

Breaking and entering will be the charge for a group of Holsteins in Wisconsin!

According to WSAW NewsChannel 7, a dozen Holsteins walked several miles from their farm in Elderon, Wis., before breaking into and entering the garage of a family home in Marathon County.

In addition to destroying a door, the home owners reported that the animals made themselves at home, turning on lights and opening the overhead garage door.

The cows have since been returned to their country home, and though homeowners are now left to clean up after their bovine guests, they “don’t have a beef with the cows.”

Source: Dairy Herd Network; WSAW

Pa. Dairy Mom is Unstoppable

598825_10151415389968472_2105687378_nCongratulations to Mary Lou King, a dairy farm mom from Cochranville, Pa. She is the grand prize winner in LIVE@ with Kelly and Michael’s search for the Unstoppable Mom! Watch her story here. And read her daughter’s nomination below.

Nominated by her daughter, Kelly Stoltzfus

Dear Kelly & Michael,

My mom is the most amazing woman in the whole entire world! I’m sure everyone claims this title for their mother, but I guarantee you have never met someone as special as my mom. Being 21, and the oldest of 4 kids, my mom has been the one and only role model of my life. My family all grew up on our 300 cow dairy farm in PA. My mom has been milking the cows at 4:00am and 4:00pm every day with my dad ever since they were married back in 88′. She never has off weekends, holidays, and VERY rarely goes on vacation, but this doesn’t phase her at all. My parents have been married for 24 years and are still head over heels in love. I mean, us kids still catch them making out in the barn! Their constant love and joy for each other has been the best model for me and my new husband of 4 months. I just admire how after 24 years and 4 kids, my parents are still so close. My mom is also a nurse. She went to school and received her degree right after high school, which inspired me to do the same thing, and my 18 year old sister now as well, who is starting nursing school this fall. My mom’s nursing degree also helped her when my youngest sister, Kandy, was born mentally handicapped.

My Mom is the most amazing, selfless, inspiring, and uplifting woman in this entire world. She is defiantly unstoppable and will forever be the best mom ever!

Source: LIVE with Kelly and Michael

Milk Controversy

Lots of chatter going on the last few days regarding aspartame in milk. Here are a few links to help you find out the truth about this issue.

From Twitter handle @DairyCarrie:
The Aspartame in Milk Controversy: Straight From the Farmer’s Mouth.

From National Milk Producers Federation.

From International Dairy Foods Association.

As required by the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) food labeling regulations, all food products that include non-nutritive sweeteners as an ingredient must be clearly labeled and include the name of the sweetener on the package’s ingredient statement.

The FDA petition would not change any existing requirements that aspartame, sucralose or any other non-nutritive sweetener be included in the list of ingredients if it is present.

Grading Vilsack’s First Term

Our latest ZimmPoll asked the question, “What grade would you give Ag Sec. Vilsack during his first term?”

Our poll results: The majority of you at twenty-nine percent gave Vilsack an A. Twenty-two percent said D; eighteen percent said B; seventeen percent said C; and fourteen percent said F. Since the poll grades were similar across the board we decided to calculate his overall average. On his first term paper Vilsack scored a C+.


Our new ZimmPoll is now live and asks the question, “Does warranty influence your decision to purchase new equipment?” When shopping for new equipment there are many factors to consider that may make or break a purchase decision. Is warranty one of the top considerations? Let us know.

ZimmPoll is sponsored by New Holland Agriculture.

Most support using corn for biofuels.

Our latest ZimmPoll asked the question, ”Do you support biofuel production and the use of corn to do this?”

Our poll results: The majority of you at sixty percent say Yes, thirty-three percent said No, four percent were Indifferent and four percent chose Other. Growing crops to use as biomass for producing fuel seems to be the best alternative to depleting our finite stocks of oil and they have the added benefit of being more friendly to our environment.


Our new ZimmPoll is now live and asks the question, “What did you think of Dodge Super Bowl commercial?” The late conservative radio broadcaster Paul Harvey’s “So God Made a Farmer” speech was the voice of the Ram Trucks Super Bowl 2013 commercial. Paul Harvey was a large voice for HSUS and an animal rights advocate. This may cause agriculturalists to have mixed feelings about Ram’s commercial. How do you feel about the commercial? Can you look past what he represented and smile about the message that he conveyed? Let us know.

ZimmPoll is sponsored by New Holland Agriculture.

Merial Announces Dairy Quality Award Winners

Merial LogoCongratulations to the winners of the 2012 National Dairy Quality Awards (NDQA), sponsored by Merial, in partnership with the National Mastitis Council (NMC) and Hoard’s Dairyman.

Recipients of the 2012 NDQA Platinum Award are Ryan and Charina Dellar of Harrisville, Mich.; Bradley, Robert and Deborah Kartes of West Branch, Mich.; Jeff, Brian and Glenn True of Perry, N.Y.; Don Beattie of Holton, Mich.; Bob Kreft of Lansing, Mich.; and Jim and Karen Davenport of Ancramdale, N.Y.

Award winners were nominated by dairy industry professionals and were selected based on a comprehensive evaluation of their quality measures, systems for monitoring udder health, milking routines, protocols for detection and treatment of clinical and subclinical mastitis cases, and strategies for overall herd health and welfare.

Through the Best in Class Dairies program, Merial provides dairies free access to valuable training tools in English and Spanish, as well as external resources, including a daily dairy report with up-to-date market information for milk, cheese and butter prices and relevant dairy news.

Producers can get more information about the Best in Class Dairies program or Merial’s line of dairy products by contacting their sales representative or visiting online.

Source: Merial

Fav Commercial Helps Support FFA

Most of our followers have no doubt already viewed the Dodge Ram truck commercial that aired during the Super Bowl last night. But, did you know that the Ram brand is making donations to support FFA when you share a social badge from their website on your Facebook or Twitter? Share today! And watch the commercial one more time, because it’s just that good.

You watch the video, you share a badge, the Ram brand makes a donation. Help us raise $1 million to support FFA and assist in local hunger and educational programs.


Source: Ram Trucks

Virginia Tech Students to Drink Dairy’s Milk

Students at Virginia Tech will now how the opportunity to enjoy milk at their dining hall that has been produced by the Virginia Tech Dairy Center.

Virginia TechStudents will harvest the milk on campus from the herd of dairy cows at Virginia Tech’s Dairy Center. The milk will then be pasteurized by the James River Department of Agribusiness and served through the milk dispensers beginning Tuesday, Jan. 22.

This project marks another positive step for Dining Services’ sustainability initiatives. Ted Faulkner, director of Dining Services, said the move towards more sustainable practices was largely influenced by feedback from students.

Dining centers have been using meats purchased from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences’s Meat Science Center for over two years, and the university’s Kentland Farm provides local produce through the Dining Services Garden at Kentland Farm.

“This will be the highest quality milk served on campus,” said Shane Brannock, the dairy farm superintendent. The milk produced and harvested at the dairy consistently surpasses Department of Agriculture standards. Though milk is always tested once it reaches the processing facility, Virginia Tech’s dairy also tests its milk before shipping for quality assurance and research purposes.

Similar to the Meat Science Center and Kentland Farms, the Dairy Center supports the university’s focus on teaching, extension, and research. Dairy science classes meet at the dairy for at least one lab each week, and 10 to 15 students work in the dairy each semester. These students work directly in the milking parlor, harvesting milk and feeding the herd.

Source: Virginia Tech, Written by Kimberly Bassler.

Latest HSUS Poll Hacked

Our latest ZimmPoll asked the question, “Should we sit down with HSUS in ‘common cause’?”

The results of this poll are skewed due to the hacking by HSUS. In the end, the poll read that eighty one percent voted Definitely, fifteen percent said Never, and four percent thought we Should in some cases. The attempt to affect our poll results has the HSUS/PETA goal of an end to animal agriculture. They are working to get the livestock industry to make concessions that drastically change production methods. When that happens it becomes a very slippery slope very quickly. It will only be a short matter of time before allowing chickens more room in cages becomes allowing all animals the right to life. Treating animals humanely is not the same as treating them like they are humans – but many activists see no difference.

The hacking we are referring to was having almost 400 poll responses to the Definitely answer come in during a few hours one night last week and none since. If you take them out, the answer Never would have been the highest result by far.


Our new ZimmPoll is now live and asks the question, “How many machines (tractors, etc.) does your farm own?” Some of the urban folk believe that if you own more than 1-2 pieces of machinery, that would classify you as a large farmer. We disagree with that. So let’s see how many pieces of equipment most farmers/ranchers own. Let us know!

ZimmPoll is sponsored by New Holland Agriculture.

Sign Up Now for Annual Expansion Symposium

dbaDairy farmers and businesses can now sign up for the Dairy Business Association’s 8th Annual Expansion Symposium, scheduled for February 19 and 20 in Green Bay. The event will be held at the KI Convention Center and will address the issues and topics that affect Wisconsin’s dairy business.

Trade show displays throughout the symposium will provide vendors and organizations the opportunity to showcase their products and services and allows dairy producers to see the latest industry trends. Throughout the extended hours of exhibit floor period will be hors d’oeuvres, special activities, cocktails and extraordinary prizes.

The first day of the event will include Dr. Martin Regalia, Chief Economist of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, who will be discussing the current US and world economic situation and the effects the economy will have on businesses and job growth.

The event will also feature a unique opportunity for attendees within the “Business Enhancement Sessions,” where attendees can choose from different presentations, with topics including new dairy breeding programs, employee behavior issues, and understanding the costs and requirements to dairy operations and dairy related businesses under the new health care law.

On Wednesday, attendees will hear from speakers about animal welfare, cross ventilation barns, approved ideas on protecting town roads, and an inspirational presentation by Dr. Lance Fox, who will share his experiences of climbing Mt. Everest.

The cost to attend the Expansion Symposium is $195 for DBA members and $245 for non-members if registered by February 8.

Source: Dairy Business Association

Scholarships Available for Illinois Dairy Students

midwest 200Students from dairy farm families in Illinois who contribute to Midwest Dairy Association through the dairy checkoff are eligible to apply for scholarships offered by the organization.

The Illinois Division of Midwest Dairy Association provides educational awards of $1,000 each to those selected from among qualified applicants.

Scholarships apply to any college major or degree and there is no limitation on the length of the program. The applicant must be considered a full-time student at an accredited college. Recipients will be selected based on a point scale.

“Scholarships help ease the financial burden that college places on a family,” says Marla Behrends, industry relations manager for Illinois.

The application and more information can be found online.The deadline for submissions is March 1.

Source: Midwest Dairy Association

Moo-ry Christmas!

We really like this photo our friends at the Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association shared on their Facebook page, and we think it sums up our wish to all of our World Dairy Diary fans – Moo-ry Christmas!


Salt Block Art

lick1Do you consider your cows’ salt block art? Rancher Whit Deschner does, and has used the unusual ‘art’ to raise money for Parkinson’s disease research1

Whit Deschner is probably the world’s foremost connoisseur of salt block art. These sculptures start out as 50-pound cubes of salt, about a foot long on each side. Ranchers give them to their livestock as nutritional supplements. Six years ago, Deschner was visiting a buddy who had put a block out in front of his cabin. It caught their eye.

What the cows left behind looked like a swirling sculpture of grooves, pinnacles and even a small porthole. To Deschner, there was only one thing to do.

“Why not have a salt lick art contest?” he says.

And over the years, Deschner has raised more than $30,000.

Putting on the Great Salt Lick is a community effort, and on the night of the auction, the mayor and his band kick things off with some cowboy tunes.

One by one, the salt licks are brought to the stage and Daley takes off with the bidding. Blocks sell for about $5 at the feed store, but here most sell for $200 or $300. And a few of the more unusual pieces hit $1,000.

In the end, the auction raises well over $12,000, shattering last year’s record.

Source: NPR, This story was made possible with support from the George S. and Dolores Dore Eccles Foundation.

Rabobank Honors Chobani

ChobaniChobani has been honored again, this time by Rabobank, as the winner of its 2012 North America Innovation in Leadership award for the company’s “groundbreaking contribution” to the U.S. yogurt sector.

The 2012 award honors Chobani, a Rabobank client, for the transformational impact of its practices on the U.S. yogurt industry and its success in redefining an established market to advance its business and the overall yogurt category.

“In a sector historically dominated by global giants, Chobani — led by its visionary founder, president and CEO Hamdi Ulukaya — clearly evidences that a singular focus on the consumer and an organizational culture which thrives on innovation can be powerful drivers of a meteoric rise to market leadership,” Rita Keskinyan, managing director at Rabobank, said in a Rabobank press release.

Source: Capital Press; By CAROL RYAN DUMAS

Job Position Opening at Jersey

A position as Area Representative and Type Traits Appraiser for the American Jersey Cattle Association, National All-Jersey Inc. and subsidiary Jersey Marketing Service, is available immediately.

The successful candidate will provide direct on-farm service to Jersey herd owners, plus accurate cow-side evaluation for the AJCA linear type traits appraisal program.

This is a full-time position involving extensive travel. The position description is attached. Benefits include health and life insurance, and 401k plan.

Persons with degrees or equivalent experience in dairy or animal science or agriculture are encouraged to apply. Background knowledge and experience in dairy cattle management and purebred activities is required.

Source: US Jersey

Farmer Style

Speaking of videos, many of you have already seen the Peterson Farm Brothers newest video, “Farmer Style.”

If you haven’t it’s a must watch! And check out their famous “Farming and I Grow It Video” too!

‘Milking’ Newest Internet Fad

The newest internet meme? College kids in the United Kingdom “milking,” the totally bizarre act of pouring an entire jug of milk on your head.

In the milking YouTube video that started the commotion, dairy deviants in Newcastle, England, purchase milk, stand in a random spot, then empty the entire milk jug over their heads.

Once the first video started racking up views, the students decided to milk the stunt for all it’s worth.

“We didn’t expect a reaction this large, the video was initially intended for our friends,” student and “milkman” George Hoyland explained to the Daily Mail.

The milking trend has since spread across the U.K. While media coverage so far has skimmed the deeper issues the stunt brings to the surface, others are keen to cry over the spilled milk.

Source: Huffington Post

Semex Genetics Shine

Semex sires demonstrated their ability to shine on the national stage at both the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair’s Canadian National Jersey Show and at the All-American in Louisville, Kentucky.

Following a stellar showing at World Dairy Expo, Semex sires continued to excel across a variety of national Jersey shows and no matter the venue, modern, Semex sired cattle rose to the top. During the 2012 show season’s grand finales, both north and south of the border, a large number of Jersey sires wearing the 200 stud code claimed ribbons and hardware for their owners.

Results from the All American Junior Jersey Show:
• 0200JE00131 Bridon Comerica, a RepromaxTM and Show TimeTM sire: 1st Junior Three Year Old, Knapp Time Comerica Bonnel
• 0200JE00986 BW Venerable, a Repromax sire: Grand Champion, Senior Champion & 1st Senior Three Year Old, BW Venerable Korina S418
• SHF Centurion Sultan: 1st Five Year Old, TC Sultan 1211 Rosalynn
• Top five performances by other daughters of Sultan, Comerica and Top Gene Gold Action

Results from the All American Open Show:
• Select-Scott Minister:
o Jr Champion & 1st Summer Yearling, Highland-H Minister
o ResInterChampion&2ndSeniorThreeYearOld,RatliffMinisterPorsche
• Glenholme Counciller: 1st Aged Cow, Dalmacee-J Counciller Tauntra
• Other top five placing animals by BW Northstar, SHF Centurion Sultan, Select-Scott Minister, Bridon Remake Comerica, BW Venerable, Bridon Jamaica
• National Jersey Jug Futurity
o SHF Centurion Sultan: 2nd place, Harmony Corners Fozzy
o Bridon Remake Comerica: 3rd place, K&M Comerica Ginny

Results from the Canadian National Jersey Show at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair:
• 63 head or 27% of the show were 200JE daughters
• 21 different Semex sires represented
• 39 daughters in the top 10 of their classes
• 17 daughters in the top five
• 9 daughters in the top three
• Semex sired four class winners
o 0200JE00423 Lencrest Blackstone, a Show Time sire: 1st Jr Calf, Morningside BS Charlotte
o 0200JE00430 Lencrest On Time, a Robot ReadyTM sire: Hon. Mention Inter Champion & 1st Jr 2 Yr Old, Arethusa On Time Vogue
o 0200JE00136BridonExcitation,a ShowTime sire:
• Res. Grand Champion, Inter Champion & 1st Sr 2 Yr Old, Page-Crest Excitation Karlie
• Res. Inter Champion & 2nd Sr 2 Yr Old, Marynole Excite Rosey
o Bridon Jamaica: Res. Senior Champion & 1st 5 Yr Old, Big Guns Jamaica Vanilla

Source: Semex Jersey

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