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2014 Junior Infographic Web Contest

no cowHolstein Association USA announces a web based contest for its Junior members to create an educational infographic. An infographic is a visual presentation of information; utilizing charts, diagrams or maps to engage the audience.

Holstein Association USA Junior members are encouraged to design one infographic for submission. This design should be in color and able to fit on an 8 ½-by-11-inch page. Juniors 9 to 13 years of age are permitted to draw their infographic; intermediate (14 – 17 years) and senior (18 – 21 years) participants must use a computer in their design. All computer images should be high resolution (300 dpi). Each division must base their design on the following topics:

Junior: Favorite Dairy Product
Intermediate: How Dairy Farmers Care for their Animals
Senior: How Dairy Farmers Care for the Environment

Judging will be based on several factors, including educational value, design quality, visual appeal, and creativity.

All entries are due to the Holstein Association USA office by April 15, 2014 at 12:00 p.m. Eastern. Files should be kept to 5 MB or less and submitted to as a .PDF or .JPG file.

Awards will be given to the top three in each division. Winners will be announced May 1, 2014 on the Holstein Association USA Junior website,

For more details, go to, and click on the banner for the Junior Infographic Web Contest, or contact Rachel Pomeroy at or 800.952.5200, ext. 4165.

Prock Named 2014 YDLI Distinguished Alumni Leader

ydli_logo_100pxRay Prock, Jr., a dairyman from Denair, Calif., has been named the Holstein Foundation’s 2014 Young Dairy Leaders Institute (YDLI) Distinguished Alumni Leader Award recipient. The Holstein Foundation recognizes one YDLI alum annually who has made notable contributions and utilized skills gained during their YDLI experience for the betterment of the dairy industry. Prock was a graduate of YDLI Class 5.

“YDLI laid the foundation for me to gain valuable experience and confidence to be the person I am today,” Prock said. “YDLI was the first leadership program I was involved in and has left a lasting impression on me to this day. If it was not for YDLI I may never have gained the confidence I have to engage with complete strangers on airplanes, the internet and in public on the questions and concerns many have about agriculture and the food we, as a public, eat.”

Along with the daily responsibilities on his family’s Ray-Lin Dairy, Prock has been involved with several agricultural organizations, including the National Dairy Promotion board, DMI Social Media Advisory Committee, the AgChat Foundation, California Milk Advisory Board, California Dairy Campaign and several Farm Bureau groups.

Prock will be recognized during the upcoming YDLI Class 8, Phase III program, February 5-8, 2014, in Albuquerque, N.M. The Young Dairy Leaders Institute, a program of the Holstein Foundation, is a nationally recognized three-phase leadership and communication skills development program for young adults working in the dairy industry. For more information on YDLI or other Holstein Foundation programs, visit or contact Jodi Hoynoski, at 800.952.5200, ext. 4261 or

Award Applications Available

HolsteinAssociationHolstein Association USA applications for the Distinguished Young Holstein Breeder, Elite Breeder, Distinguished Leadership Award and the Rumler Scholarship are now available.

The Distinguished Young Holstein Breeder Award recognizes significant accomplishments of young Registered Holstein Breeders, ages 21 to 40. Applicants can nominate themselves or be nominated, and may apply as individuals, a couple, or business partners. The winning applicant will receive travel and lodging expenses for two to the National Holstein Convention, complimentary tickets to the Convention banquet, a $2,000 cash award, and a plaque.

The Elite Breeder Award honors a living Holstein Association USA member, family, partnership, or corporation who has bred outstanding animals and thereby made a notable contribution to the advancement of U.S. Registered Holsteins. The applicant must have been a member of Holstein Association USA for at least five years. Applications will be considered for three years.

The Distinguished Leadership Award is given to an individual who has provided outstanding and unselfish leadership that has contributed to the improvement of the Holstein Association and/or dairy industry. This is a unique award, as the recipient does not necessarily have to be a Holstein Association USA member. Applications will be considered for three years.

Additionally, a scholarship is available to students interested in agriculture who plan to pursue their Master’s Degree in Business Administration. The Robert H. Rumler MBA Scholarship awards $3,000 to a qualified individual pursuing their MBA at an accredited university. Applications for this scholarship are due to the Holstein office by April 15, 2014.

Source: Holstein Association USA, Inc.

Holstein Releases Pedigree List

HolsteinAssociationHolstein Association USA has released the annual Pedigree Analysis of National Holstein Show Winners, following the completion of the 2013 National Shows.

These lists are provided for Holstein show enthusiasts and aspiring breeders, providing an insider look at the genetics behind the cattle receiving showring honors at the highest levels of competition.

Holstein females included in the analysis are those that placed in the top three in their respective age classes at a National Holstein Show this year, which included a total of 183 different heifers and 251 different cows.

The lists are updated each fall, following the last National Holstein Show of the year. Included are lists of Leading Sires, Leading Maternal Grandsires, and Leading Sire Stacks of National Show Winners. Each category features separate lists for heifers and cows, along with an overall list. In addition, viewers will find other information which may be of interest, such as average classification score for each class, and historical data from previous years.

For the fourth consecutive year, Braedale Goldwyn holds the top spot as the Leading Sire of 2013 National Holstein Show Winners, siring 25 heifers and 70 cows who placed in the top three of their classes, making him to top sire in both of those categories. Coming in the second spot is Maple-Downs-I G W Atwood-ET, who sired a total of 41 heifers and cows placing in the top three.

The Leading Maternal Grandsires lists saw some changes in rank this year, with Regancrest Dundee-ET claiming the number one position for 2013, found on the bottom side of the pedigree of 58 heifers and cows this year. Braedale Goldwyn ranks second on that list with 50 animals to his credit.

The combination of Braedale Goldwyn x Regancrest Dundee-ET easily tops the list of the Leading Sire Stacks of 2013 National Holstein Show winners, with 24 animals resulting from that combination. Maple-Downs-I G W Atwood-ET x Regancrest Dundee-ET was the second most common sire stack for winning heifers, and Gen-Mark Stmatic Sanchez-ET x Braedale Goldwyn holds the second place on the cow list, as well as second overall.

Source: Holstein Association USA, Inc.

Holstein to Host Meeting

HolsteinAssociationHolstein Association USA will host a member update meeting on Tuesday, January 21, 2014, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Holstein Association USA headquarters, 1 Holstein Place, Brattleboro, Vt. Lunch will be provided and office tours will be given for all interested guests.

This is a new style of member meeting for Holstein Association USA, and will take the place of the traditional regional member meetings which have been held for a number of years. The Brattleboro meeting will be recorded and a video will be posted on the Holstein Association USA web site, giving all interested members an opportunity to hear the State of the Association address, a financial report, and an update on Holstein USA programs and services.

“Taking advantage of available technology will provide members with important updates about their Association, at the click of a button from the comfort of their homes. This new format will allow many more members to be updated on Holstein Association USA activities than ever before,” says Jodi Hoynoski, Executive Director, Holstein Identification and Member Services. “We still plan to have a presence at a number of state meetings, but without having a meeting to host, we will be able to spend more quality time with members and take part in their planned activities.”

Source: Holstein Association USA, Inc.

Holstein Judges Available

HolsteinAssociationHolstein Association USA’s 2014 National and Qualified Judges Lists have been made available online.

The two lists are comprised of individuals from across North America with a significant amount of judging experience, who have also attended a Holstein Association USA Judges Conference in the past three years and applied to be on the list. To view the 2014 lists on the Holstein Association USA web site, select “National Shows” from the main menu, then “National Show Judges Lists.”

All individuals on the lists are approved by the Holstein Association USA board of directors each fall. All National Holstein Shows are required to choose their judge from the National Judges List, and nationally-sanctioned Junior Holstein Show judges and National Holstein Show associate judges must be selected from either the National or Qualified lists. State and regional-level shows are also encouraged to utilize the National and Qualified Judges lists when selecting judges for their shows.

Anyone currently on the list, or planning to apply in the future, must have attended and received a satisfactory rating at a Holstein Association USA Judges Conference within a three-year period to be eligible.

One conference will be held in 2014, in Columbus, Ohio, on March 27, in conjunction with the Mid-East Spring National Holstein Show. The conference will run from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., and is open to anyone 22 years of age or older. Registration is required and can be done on the Holstein Association USA web site with a credit card. Pre-registration is $50, and closes two weeks before the conference, on March 13. Late registrants and walk-ups will be accepted for a $100 registration fee.

Source: Holstein Association USA

Holstein Association Board Report

HolsteinAssociationThe Holstein Association USA, Inc. (HAUSA) board of directors held their fall meeting in Chicago, Ill. on November 21-22.

The board approved the 2014 Management-by-Objective Business Plan and associated budget. The Business Plan forecasts growth in sales of Holstein Association USA’s core products and services.

Members who participate in the popular Holstein COMPLETE® program and have 1,001 or more Registered Holsteins® enrolled will receive a reduction in the per cow fee. Beginning with the 1,001st animal enrolled, the per cow charge will be reduced from $8.50 to $6.50.

A new program will honor long-living, productive U.S. Registered Holstein® cows. This new designation in 2014 will recognize cows with high milk production, elite type, and long, productive lives – the type of cow every dairy producer would love to milk! Watch for more details in upcoming issues of the Holstein Pulse magazine.

The Holstein Association is currently involved in two important research projects. The first research update the board heard was the feed efficiency project for which the Association has provided type evaluation services on 431 cows. A preliminary analysis of the research, being conducted by several universities and the USDA, was presented at the recent 26th ADSA DISCOVER Conference in Naperville, Ill. The research will continue over the next several years.

Staff also reported on the Association-funded and directed research which is studying elite Holstein females. The project is intended to find haplotypes that are associated with their valuable and unique phenotypes. The criteria for an elite cow were 150,000 pounds of lifetime milk and classified Very Good (VG) or Excellent (EX). The first significant outcome is that 594 elite cows actually contributed to the August 2013 genetic evaluations. Holstein Association staff will continue to collect, analyze, and compile data for the study.

The board approved the release of 5,062 prefixes effective December 31, 2013. Since its inception in 2009, the board policy allows the release for reuse of a prefix after 20 years of non-use and makes it easier for members to acquire prefixes for their herds.

The list will be posted on the Holstein Association’s website to give notice to membership. If someone wants to retire his or her prefix prior to the release date, they may request to do so for a $100 fee.

Source: Holstein Association USA

Holstein Board Meeting Highlights

HolsteinAssociationThe Holstein Association USA board of directors met July 7-8, 2013 in Indianapolis, Ind.

The board honored retiring President Chuck Worden of New York and Director Leroy Eggink of Iowa and recognized their contributions and service to the Association during a dinner on July 8th.

During the meeting, staff presented updates on the 2013 Management-by-Objective Business Plan and year-to-date financials. Reporting on year-to-date Holstein COMPLETE® activity, 279,434 cows were enrolled. Compared to June, 2012, this is a gain of 1,739 cows.

The board heard a report on the feed efficiency research project for which the Association is providing Type Evaluation Services. The Classification team will be scoring herds participating in the project at Iowa State University, the University of Florida, and Virginia Tech during July and August. The study is being conducted by several universities and the USDA with support from the Holstein Association.

Staff reported enthusiastic feedback on an Association-funded and directed research project that is intended to find haplotypes of elite Holstein females that are associated with their valuable and unique phenotypes. The first significant outcome of this research is that genome samples from 620 phenotypically elite cows, owned by 354 Holstein Association members, will be contributing to the August genetic evaluations.

Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer Barbara Casna presented the Association’s consolidated financial statements through the end of May, 2013 and reviewed the reserve fund report for the same period. The Association and its subsidiaries show year-to-date net consolidated revenues of $452,000.

AgriTech Analytics (ATA) General Manager Bill VerBoort reported June 2013 enrollment of 872,144 cows. ATA continues to expand the number of states it is doing business in.

The board approved a new fee schedule for the family and non-family whole herd transfer of animals in a single account or herd to a single ownership. Significant savings will be realized in herds larger than 200 animals.

Source: Holstein Association USA

Holstein Convention Wrap-Up

holstein convention 2013Holstein Association USA members met for their 128th Annual Business Meeting on July 10 and 11, as a part of the 2013 National Holstein Convention in Indianapolis, Ind. The 2014 Convention will be held June 25-28, 2014, in Dubuque, Iowa.

In his State of the Association address, Chief Executive Officer John M. Meyer highlighted some key areas of Association performance in 2012. “The momentum of steady increases in registrations continues,” Meyer reported. “Registrations totaled 362,669, up 2,520 over 2011 totals. It is interesting to note that ten years ago in 2002, we registered 315,488 head. Because of you and the world’s most profitable cow, the U.S. Registered Holstein®, registrations have increased 47,181 in the last ten years.”

The Holstein COMPLETE® program continues to expand,” he continued. “Evidence of the ever-increasing popularity of COMPLETE is shown by the 281,359 cows enrolled, representing a ten percent increase.”

Another exciting statistic reported was 2012’s increase in members. “New adult membership rose by three percent, as we welcomed 629 new adult members, and junior membership increased by eight percent, as 966 juniors joined our ranks.”

Videos of the complete CEO’s and president’s addresses can be found online.

It was the responsibility of the delegate body to elect new officers and directors to fill six openings on the Holstein Association USA board of directors. Glen E. Brown, Utah, was elected president after completing a two-year term as vice president, and Gordie Cook, Mass., was the successful vice presidential candidate. Incumbents elected to a second three-year term on the board of directors include Peter B. Waterman, Maine, representing Region 1; Gayle Carson, Tenn., for Region 4; and Corey Geiger, Wis., in the At-Large seat. Elected to his first three-year term on the board was Mark Kerndt, Iowa, representing Region 6.

No bylaw amendments came before the delegate body this year.

Source: Holstein Association USA, Inc.

Holstein DJMs Honored

2013 DJMCongratulations to the six new Distinguished Junior Members, the highest honor earned by Junior Holstein Association members!

This year’s finalists are: Rocco Cunningham, Calif.; Carissa Doody, Md.; Isaac Haagen, Pa.; Charles Hamilton, Wis.; Hayley Potts, Va.; and Michael Schmitt, Minn.

Twelve semifinalists were selected to interview during the National Holstein Convention. The finalists will receive annual renewed memberships to Holstein Association USA. The Distinguished Junior Member award honors Junior Holstein members, ages 17 to 21, who have excelled in their junior project work, involvement on their farm, and in their communities.

Watch videos from all 12 semi-finalists here.

Source: Holstein Association USA, Inc.

Holstein Honors Award Winners

The Holstein Association USA convention came to a close today the announcement of the annual award winners. For more information and winners from the convention, visit the official blog site.

Distinguished Young Holstein Breeders – Chad & Amy Ryan, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Distinguished Leadership Award – Horace Backus, Mexico, New York

Elite Breeder – Robert Miller, Orangeville, Illinois

National Holstein Convention Preview

holstein convention 2013The 2013 National Holstein Convention and Holstein Association USA’s 128th Annual Business Meeting is scheduled for July 7-11 at the Indianapolis Marriott Downtown and Convention Center, Indianapolis, Ind. .

Holstein Association USA is pleased to have two informative guest speakers on Wednesday, July 10.

Dr. Gerard Cramer, associate professor at the University of Minnesota, will be talking about “The Role of Genetics in Foot Health Programs,” during the Early Bird session, from 7:30-8:30 a.m.

Dr. Nate Dorshorst will provide the Annual Meeting Keynote at 1:45 p.m., speaking on “Added Value Opportunities with Advanced Reproduction in Registered Holsteins.”

Delegates will vote on a number of officer and director elections during the Annual Meeting on Thursday morning, July 11. Vice President Glen E. Brown, Utah, is the sole candidate for president, and running for the vice president seat are John Bierbaum, Minn.; Gordie Cook, Mass.; John C. Kalmey, Ky.; Robert Nigh, Wis.; and Hank van Exel, Calif.

In the director elections, candidates include incumbent Peter B. Waterman, Maine, for Region 1 and incumbent Gayle Carson, Tenn., for Region 4. For Region 6 director, declared candidates are Gale Hoese, Minn.; Mark Kerndt, Iowa; Phil Specht, Iowa; and Chuck Will, Minn. Incumbent Corey Geiger, Wis., is the lone candidate for the open at-large director seat.

The 2013 Distinguished Young Holstein Breeder, Elite Breeder, and Distinguished Leadership honorees will be unveiled during the final Convention banquet, taking place this year on Thursday evening, July 11.

Source: Holstein Association USA

Star of Breed Announced

starofbreed12Congratulations to the 2012 Star of the Breed, awarded by the Holstein Association USA to Siemers Alisha Gold Ava-ETS, bred and owned by 18-year-old Crystal Siemers-Peterman of Newton, Wis.!

This designation is given each year to one Holstein who is a “cow for all seasons,” possessing both outstanding type and milk production. To be eligible for the Star of the Breed award, a cow must place in the top five in her class at a National Holstein Show in the award year, be in a herd enrolled in the TriStar program and have an official classification score. Once the eligible cows are determined, the following calculation is used to decide the award recipient: Combined ME Fat and Protein + Age Adjusted Classification Score x (Breed Average ME Combined Fat & Protein/Breed Average Age Adjusted Classification Score).

Crystal describes Ava as “a dream come true for me and my family.” Born March 3, 2006, Ava has a pedigree to be admired by any Registered Holstein breeder. Sired by showring legend Braedale Goldwyn, Ava is out of a Silky Gibson-ET daughter of Tri-Day Ashlyn-ET 2E-96 GMD DOM, the result of some embryos Crystal’s mother, Sherry, purchased as a foundation for Crystal’s 4-H project.

Ava is classified Excellent-95 2E, with a 96-point udder, earning a 50 in the breakdowns of Stature, Rear Udder Height and Rear Udder Width. With an illustrious show record, the cow has been nominated Junior All-American every year she has been shown. In 2012, she competed as an Aged Cow in the spring, placing second at the Midwest Spring National Holstein Show, and came back out in the fall as a 125,000 Pound Cow, placing third at the International Holstein Show. Just as impressive as her showring accomplishments is Ava’s milk production ability; this past lactation, she made a 365-day record of 56,330 pounds of milk, with 4.1 percent fat (2,301 pounds) and 3.3 percent protein (1,865 pounds). In total, she has produced 168,680 pounds of lifetime milk, maintaining component levels of 4.1 percent fat and 3.4 percent protein.

Source: Holstein Association USA, Inc.

Holstein Names Seven Herds of Excellence

HolsteinAssociationCongratulations to the seven newest award recipients of the Holstein Association USA 2013 Herd of Excellence!

The Herd of Excellence designation was introduced six years ago to honor dairymen who have bred and raised Holstein cattle that are consistently performing at the highest levels for them.

To be named a Herd of Excellence, herds must be 25 percent above breed average Mature Equivalent (ME) for milk, fat and protein; have classified within the last year and have an actual average classification score of 83 points or higher; have at least 70 percent of the herd homebred; and be enrolled in the Association’s TriStar production records program.

This year’s honorees include: David Bachmann, Pinehurst Farms, Sheboygan, Wis.; Tim Baker, Star-Summit Farm, Byron Center, Mich.; Joseph A. Brantmeier, Hilrose Holsteins, Sherwood, Wis.; Janice Jurbala, Spotlite-J Holsteins, Orangeville, Pa.; Thomas J. Kestell, Ever-Green-View Farms, Waldo, Wis.; Randy W. Kortus, Mainstream Holsteins, Lynden, Wash.; and Benjamin F. & Carolyn A. Turner, Maplelane-Manor Farm, Apulia Station, N.Y.

Source: Holstein Association USA

Holstein Holds Board Meeting

HolsteinAssociationThe spring board meeting of Holstein Association USA, Inc. was held March 21-22.

Staff reported excellent progress in the member-initiated research project which focuses on the association of the unique genetics of long lived, high producing cows with functional type. Holstein Association members who are owners of qualifying elite cows will be receiving invitations to genomic test those cows for inclusion in the research. The study is being performed and funded by Holstein Association USA.

Another research project focuses on feed efficiency and will provide information about the relationship of feed efficiency to body size, mobility, and other functional traits. The research is being conducted by several universities and USDA. Members of the Association’s Classification team are providing Type Evaluation Services to participating herds for this important project.

The Holstein Association launched a membership drive with a goal to gain 1,000 new adult members in 2013. State Holstein associations have received details on the campaign which will award the winning states $500 in each of three divisions.

Early first quarter member activity in the Holstein COMPLETE® program is solid. Enrollment totaled 277,160 cows, which is an increase of 3 percent over this time last year.

The board of directors approved new genetic codes for polled animals as follows:
· PO Observed polled
· PC Tested heterozygous polled
· PP Tested homozygous polled
· TP Tested free of the polled condition (horned)

These codes will appear on Official Holstein PedigreesTM and official performance products.

The board approved a recommendation from the International Marketing Committee which requires parentage testing on 5 percent of all animals registered for export in one shipment. All testing costs will be billed to the exporter.

Source: Holstein Association USA

Kappelman Joins Foundation Board

foundationCongratulations to Pete Kappelman, of Two Rivers, Wis., for being appointed to the Holstein Foundation board of trustees. The 12-member board oversees the direction of the Holstein Foundation’s youth and young adult educational and leadership development programs.

Kappelman and his family milk 470 Registered Holstein and Brown Swiss cows and farm 1,100 acres on their farm, Meadow Brook Dairy. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and has given his time liberally to the dairy industry in several capacities.

Kappelman has been a member of the Land O’Lakes, Inc. board of directors since 1995, serving as Chairman since 2004. He also is an ag policy advisor to USDA and USTR, on the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) board, and on the Wisconsin Alumni Association board of directors. He has a wealth of experience on other boards as well, previously being involved with the Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin (PDPW), UW Center for Dairy Profitability, University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Board of Visitors, the National Dairy Promotion and Research Board and the U.S. Dairy Export Council.

Furthermore, Pete enjoys giving back to his community, serving on his county economic development board, on his church council, serving as a youth basketball coach and volunteering as a 4-H dairy leader.

Source: Holstein Foundation

Eight Named Distinguished Junior Members

HolsteinAssociationCongratulations to the eight finalists named in Holstein Association USA’s annual Young Distinguished Junior Member (YDJM) competition!

The YDJM recognition is the highest award given to National Junior Holstein members, ages 9 to 16, and honors their dairy project work and involvement with other agricultural and community organizations.

The 2013 YDJM finalists are: Christy Achen, South Ambia, Ind.; Andy Dougherty, Epworth, Iowa; Evan Gunter, Asheboro, N.C.; Ross Laskey, Okeechobee, Fla.; Cole Leonard, Spottswood, VA; Austin Nauman, Norwalk, Wis.; Austin Schmitt, Rice, Minn.; and Cody Sears, Schenevus, N.Y.

Applicants for the YDJM award complete an entry book, which summarizes their involvement with Holstein cattle and programs, as well as other extracurricular activities.

Source: Holstein Association USA, Inc.

Holstein Names DJM Semifinalists

HolsteinAssociationCongratulations to the twelve semifinalists for the 2013 Distinguished Junior Member (DJM) awards, sponsored by the Holstein Association USA.

The Distinguished Junior Member recognition is the highest honor given to members of the National Junior Association, ages 17 to 21, demonstrating a lifetime of commitment to the Holstein breed and involvement in a variety of activities.

This year’s semifinalists are: Michael Bahl, Dubuque, Iowa; Rocco Cunningham, Penngrove, Calif.; Carissa Doody, Union Bridge, Md.; Isaac Haagen, Howard, Pa.; Charles Hamilton, Cuba City, Wis.; Breinne Hendrickson, Belleville, Wis.; Chelsea Jones, Little York, N.Y.; Hayley Potts, Purcellville, Va.; Michael Schmitt, Rice, Minn.; Rebecca Shaw, Williamsburg, Pa.; Derek Wasson, Centre Hall, Pa.; and Kathryn Wendorf, Viroqua, Wis.

Each of the semifinalists completed an entry book, detailing their Junior Holstein project work, involvement with their cattle, program participation, and school and community activities.

The twelve semifinalists will interview at the National Holstein Convention, July 7-11 in Indianapolis, Ind., to be named one of six finalists.

Source: Holstein Association USA, Inc.

Holstein Seeks Adult JAC Members

HolsteinAssociationHolstein Association USA is currently seeking applications to fill two open seats for adult representatives from Areas III and IV on the Junior Advisory Committee (JAC). Applications must be submitted to Holstein Association USA by March 15, 2013.

The JAC is the governing body of the National Junior Holstein Association, serving as a sounding board for Junior members and advisors, and overseeing Holstein youth programs. Adult representatives bring valuable perspective and guidance to the committee.

Area III covers Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin; and Area IV includes Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

Adult representatives are eligible to serve up to two two-year terms on the JAC. The committee meets annually, via conference call or in-person, to discuss Junior Holstein Association matters, and attendance at the National Junior Holstein Convention is mandatory, as the committee assists with coordinating events and carrying out activities.

Ideal committee members will be knowledgeable about Junior Holstein programs; have a strong communication network with members in their designated area; must commit to attending designated JAC meetings; and must display the highest standards of ethics and commitment to youth programs.

Learn more about the JAC or download an application online.

Source: Holstein Association USA, Inc.

Schwartzbeck Wins Collinsworth Award

HolsteinAssociationCongratulations to Austin Schwartzbeck of Union Bridge, Md. He has been named the Holstein Association USA’s 2012 Overall Judi Collinsworth Outstanding Junior Exhibitor Award recipient.

The Collinsworth Award is presented annually in honor of former Holstein Executive Director of Member and Industry Services, Judi Collinsworth. The award recognizes youths’ work and involvement with Holstein cattle and dairy activities. Recipients are selected based on sportsmanship, herdsmanship and level of participation in Holstein activities. Schwartzbeck is the ninth youth to receive this honor, and receives a $500 scholarship.

Schwartzbeck received the Collinsworth Award at the 2012 Premier National Junior Holstein Show in Harrisburg, Pa., where he has been an exhibitor for several years. The 21-year-old son of Gus and Lisa Schwartzbeck has enjoyed being involved on his family’s Peace and Plenty Farm his entire life, in all aspects of the operation. Austin says his life’s passion is breeding and exhibiting Registered Holstein cattle, and his ultimate goal is to pass the farm on to the fifth generation of farmers in his family.

Austin has been a very active member of both the Maryland and National Junior Holstein Associations, participating in a wide range of Junior Holstein activities. He has competed in both dairy bowl and dairy jeopardy at the state and national levels, and has received many accolades through the years, including Junior breeder of an Excellent cow, 2007 national Young Distinguished Junior Member finalist, and 2010 National Distinguished Junior Member semifinalist. He currently represents Area 1 on the National Junior Holstein Advisory committee.

Schwartzbeck is currently a junior at Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, where he is studying dairy science. At college he is a member and has held leadership positions with the Dairy Club and Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity. He judged for Virginia Tech at the 2011 National Intercollegiate Dairy Judging Contest at World Dairy Expo, where he was the ninth high individual, helping the team to an impressive second place finish.

Source: Holstein Association USA

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